You’re in business to represent clients, win cases and bill for your time. We’ll make sure that nothing gets in your way.

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Law Firms

WE ARE LEGAL. What we really mean is that “we get legal”, one of our most successful customer segments.  Law partners went to law school to represent clients and win cases, legal administrators want a continuous and uninterrupted workflow to create maximum efficiencies and minimal interruptions. With SSD’s Total IT Management Solutions, no matter what your role is you can focus on why you’re in business: winning cases and maximizing billable hours. Sounds simple? It actually is when you have SSD by your side.

We don’t believe in quick-fix solutions because frankly, they don’t work. Our services focus on long term stability and adaptability . Here’s what we do:

  • We observe your current workflow environment:
  • Your hardware infrastructure: type, age, up-to-date status
  • Which tools are commonly used by employees?
  • How is information shared?
  • Where are efficiency bottlenecks and why do they occur?
  • Are you using mobile or off-site technology? How are they connected? Are they connected securely?
  • If applicable, changes to hardware to minimize downtime
  • Updates to security protocols that enhance and protect the firm and it’s clients
  • If applicable, system integration that maximizes productivity and efficiencies (for example, eliminating redundant data entry)
  • Expedited interoffice communications, on and off site, that allows partners quick access to data and the ability to make decisions regardless of their physical location.
• Document management
• Time management
• Billing
• Remote access
•Backup system
• How often is the system breaking down?
• Are there specific components that are prone to cause downtime?
• When was the last IT-crisis? What happened? Who fixed it? How long did it take? Did it happen again?
• Have there been any security breaches from a simple virus to a real cyber attack?
• Continuous monitoring of your IT systems & technologies
• Management of software updates
• 3rd party vendor resolution (we handle manufacturers and software vendors so you don’t have to)
• Unlimited Help Desk that is at-the-ready whenever anyone on your team is experiencing challenges. We use a queued-priority-response system designed to get you up-and-running: ◦Urgent (15 minutes)
◦Expedited (1 hour)
◦Priority (Assessed & Scheduled)
• Highly trained, knowledgeable and personable technical advisors
• Worldox
• Summation
• Time Matters
• Tabs3
• iManage
• Workshare
• Concordance
• Needles
• iScrub
• And more…

What Clients Say

SSD has been ideal for our technology needs and got a robust IT system up and running in a matter of days. Thanks to SSD we don’t have to keep a dedicated IT person on our payroll, and we have the comfort of knowing we’ll have a first-class team that is able to respond quickly when technology issues arise
Garrett Moritz, Ross Aronstam & Moritz LLP
SSD has helped us seamlessly integrate and manage our IT for over 30 employees across three separate offices. Its team feels like a part of our company in terms of responsiveness, dedication, and communication. As our firm has grown nearly ten-fold over the past five years SSD has helped us scale our IT infrastructure into a first-rate operation. It has given us the confidence that our company and client data is secure, protected, and replicable in the event of a failure.
Kevin Baird, Managing Partner, Baird Mandalas Brockstedt, LLC



  • Network Management Software
  • Strategic Planning and Guidance
  • Technical Assistance Center (T.A.C) End-User and Workstation Support
  • New Employee Onboarding Services
  • Backup Management
  • Remote Management Services
  • Detailed Asset Management
  • Vendor & 3rd Party liaison Services (hardware, software, ISP, Telecom)
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Patch Management
  • Security Scans
  • Mobile device management
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Network Administration


Your firm will experience increased productivity, uninterrupted client billing and you will be able to focus on managing and growing your firm. Contact Bobbie Brooks to schedule a complimentary IT workflow assessment: or 302.472.2204

SSD Technology Partners, DE,Delaware,Managed IT, Software Development,IT consulting,Cybersecurity,Cyber Security