The number of security threats continues to grow, and every business is at risk. With SSD in your corner, you’re better protected against attack.

SSD’s Assurance program provides comprehensive security that goes far beyond traditional managed services. We start with a review of your environment, including user accounts, permissions and documentation. We run security scans and tests to identify any gaps that could put your business at risk.

We then use multilayer security solutions to detect and prevent common attacks on your servers, PCs, mobile devices, email system and other critical applications. We also employ data encryption, two-factor authentication and other techniques to protect sensitive data and further boost your security posture.

Because security is not a “set and forget” proposition, our services include regular reviews as well as upgrades of key applications and network software. When combined with ongoing monitoring, maintenance and management, these services help ensure that your environment is always up-to-date and prepared for the next attack.


Take The Next Step:

  1. Complete our short IT Security survey and someone from our team will contact you to discuss the survey and possible next steps.
  2. SSD’s cybersecurity team is led by James DeHoniesto. Contact James for additional information or an on-site evaluation Phone: 302-472-2213 |