With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus it is SSD’s recommendation that customers assess their current work from home/remote access systems to be prepared in the event it becomes necessary to have all or at least a large percentage of your staff working from home. Over the next few days SSD will be reaching out to everyone to help set these expectations and assist with anything you might need to be prepared. In the meantime, these are some things to consider.

Remote Access Capacity:

Many remote access systems/processes are designed around the occasional work from home scenario wherein only a small number of users are ever concurrently accessing the system. In many of these situations the server, VPN, or access gateway is scaled only to handle this normal usage and may not have the capacity to accommodate a dramatic increase in concurrent usage.

Software Licensing:

VPN’s, Remote Desktop Servers, and many other products often have licensing limitations that are enforced by the system. Some of these enforce limitations on the number of concurrent users connected and others require a user to have a specific license assigned prior to accessing anything.

Unique Systems:

It’s common to have some unique systems/applications that may not be available on your everyday use remote access platform. It is commonplace for things like finance applications, payroll systems, or other programs that are only utilized occasionally or by a very small group to be intentionally omitted. A plan for accessing these systems will need to be taken into consideration.


It’s important to come up with a plan for how to address your incoming phone calls. There are often many options especially for those with IP based systems. These options range from the use of soft phones, call forwarding, and taking home a physical phone. Each of these require specific configurations but are often easy to accommodate if planned for ahead of time.


Even if you have a tried and true remote access system we urge you to have your staff test their connectivity. Remote access often goes unused by many for months at a time. Testing beforehand allows our Service Desk staff time to work with your users to get them operational prior to it being a critical problem.