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If you have in-house IT staff, you can still benefit from managed services. Co-managed IT allows you to create efficiencies, fill resource gaps and empower your team to focus on business-enabling initiatives.

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Our co-managed IT services leverage our strategic framework, comprehensive knowledge and disciplined approach in a highly customized offering. Your team can rely on our monitoring and maintenance tools and automated processes to keep your systems stable and protected.

Your internal IT staff will appreciate the benefits of working with SSD. They’ll be able to use their skills and talents in a way that enhances their careers while helping the organization better meet its business objectives.

We understand that it sometimes makes good business sense to employ in-house IT staff. However, there remain business concerns that can be overcome with co-managed services:

  • Checks and balances. Co-managed IT mitigates the risk associated with placing all business technical knowledge in the hands of one or two people.
  • Access to needed tools. You get all the tools required to properly monitor and manage your systems without the need to make significant investments.
  • Additional expertise. The SSD team has extensive experience and industry knowledge that can provide invaluable assistance in project planning and implementation.
  • Ability to scale up quickly. Don’t worry about recruiting, hiring and training — our staff already has the skills needed to hit the ground running.
  • Knowledge of the latest solutions. We can help you take advantage of cost-effective technologies and services that can give you a competitive edge.
  • Strategic partnership. SSD will serve as an extension of your IT staff in an arrangement that’s more like a partnership than outsourcing.
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