SSD Assurance Process

Where other managed service providers stop at initial onboarding and support, SSD continues by helping you create policies and plans and enhancing your network security.


Detailed information gathering and documentation ensures seamless transition to SSD Assurance


Once onboarding is complete we’ll personally introduce your employees to our team and explain how to access support services when issues arise and what to expect in return.


We take a layered approach to securing your business from cyber threats and continuously review and analyze your vulnerabilities to close gaps where necessary.

Best Practices

Your dedicated Engineering Consultant will evaluate your overall infrastructure and Identify areas of concern making recommendations to ensure your systems are stable and well protected.


Our continuous process and dedication to your success ensures you don’t fall behind with legacy hardware and software; we help you invest wisely in appropriate solutions to meet your business needs.

SSD Assurance

We map expert IT services and robust cybersecurity protections to the specific needs of your unique business. We also serve as your virtual Chief Information Officer to help you make the right technology decisions to meet your short- and long-term goals.

SSD understands the concerns of business owners, chief executives, financial officers and IT managers. With Assurance, you get:

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Impartial advice.

We are solutions seekers not resellers of products. We propose solutions and products that are not unduly influenced by any one vendor.

Rapid problem resolution

Our team triages issues based upon the impact on your business. If it’s an emergency, we’ll return your call within 15 minutes.

Advanced cybersecurity

Our solution includes the tools you need to reduce cyber threats and ensure business continuity.


You can rest assured that we will be your long-term partner and have sufficient resources and technical talent to meet your needs.

Initial Onboarding

  • Documentation
  • Basic Security
  • Backup Testing
  • Security Testing

Support Begins

  • Helpdesk
  • Network Improvements
  • Lifecycle Development

Create Policies & Plans

  • IT Policy Creation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Enhance Security

  • Security Review
  • 2 Factor-MDM
  • Content Filtering
  • Encryption
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SSD Assurance
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