The right policies and procedures protect your organizations from legal, regulatory and security risks. SSD’s consultants will help you develop them.


Our Practices

As part of our Assurance program, we’ll help you identify IT-related risks to your business and prioritize actions to mitigate those risks. We’ll also work with you to develop and maintain policies based upon industry best practices, and perform regular security assessments to detect any vulnerabilities. You gain not only peace of mind but the reports you need to help meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning is a key component of this process. We help ensure that you have the technology in place to protect critical data and ensure rapid recovery. Data governance policies will establish how frequently systems are backed up and how long information is retained.

  • Policy development and maintenance
  • Disaster recovery plan development
  • Annual internal security vulnerability assessment
  • Regular reporting to aid in compliance
  • Implementation of security best practices
  • Quarterly security awareness newsletter