Why an Obsolete Wireless Network Is Bad for Business

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Many organizations invested in wireless networking several years ago, when the wireless LAN (WLAN) was a “nice to have” technology for a handful of users. To say that times have changed is an understatement. Today, the WLAN is the network, providing access to applications, data and a host of other services to an ever-growing array [...]

Maximizing Wi-Fi Network Capacity with Today’s Technology

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In the previous post, we discussed how the upcoming 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard is designed to support the growing capacity requirements of wireless networks. 802.11ax increases performance, efficiency and reliability in high-density environments by opening up more available channels, supporting more simultaneous streams and providing more available bandwidth per user. While it’s relatively safe to invest [...]

How the 802.11ax Wi-Fi Standard Supports Modern Capacity Demands

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The average worker has a primary computing device, usually a laptop, and at least one other mobile device, usually a smartphone. Many workers also carry tablets for collaboration, presentations, training and other uses. As the number of devices per user increases, competition for bandwidth on the wireless network increases. The problem is, most wireless networks [...]

Minimizing the Risks and Maximizing the Business Benefits of Guest Wi-Fi

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In our last post, we discussed the growing importance of Wi-Fi networks in businesses of all sizes. Once a luxury, wireless network connectivity has become a necessity to support growing numbers of mobile devices. The upside is that a robust Wi-Fi network can increase productivity by giving employees ready access to applications, data and collaboration [...]

Is Your Wi-Fi Network Susceptible to Performance and Security Issues?

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Many Wi-Fi networks were introduced as a convenience that enabled employees to work from their laptops without being chained to their desks. As mobile devices grew from simple communications tools to do-everything tools, the Wi-Fi network shifted from a nice-to-have amenity to a must-have delivery mechanism for business services. Wi-Fi improves user productivity by providing [...]