Balancing Security and User Experience in a Remote Work World

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Tens of millions of U.S. workers transitioned to remote work in the past year and most expect to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. With increasing numbers of cyberthreats targeting the remote workforce, the challenge for most organizations is to enhance security in ways that don’t inhibit user productivity. IT teams have been playing [...]

The Security Threats Associated with Remote Work and How to Combat Them

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In our last post, we talked about the importance of cybersecurity awareness training. Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity, and hackers are smart enough to target that weakness. Almost all cyberattacks involve some human error, such as clicking a malicious link or opening a malicious attachment. Security awareness training helps users recognize these threats [...]

How to Ensure Responsive IT Support for Your Work-from-Home Users

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In our last post, we explained four ways that managed services providers (MSPs) can help support your remote work requirements. By assisting with virtual private networks (VPNs), conferencing and collaboration solutions, cloud services, and cybersecurity, MSPs can help organizations overcome the technical challenges associated with work-from-home strategies. We also recognize that providing technology solutions and [...]

Poor User Account Management Practices Create Risk and Inefficiency

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With employees requiring access to a growing range of applications, systems and other IT assets, organizations need to take steps to strictly govern that access through effective user account management. However, a new study reveals that a widespread inability to implement basic best practices creates significant security risks while also impeding employee productivity. As the [...]

9 Tips for Improving Mobile Security

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Mobile technologies have profoundly changed how organizations conduct business, share information and interact with customers, employees and partners. However, the increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices for business purposes has created significant potential for security breaches. Studies find that organizations are surprisingly cavalier about the security of these devices. Although 93 percent of [...]

Mobile Isn’t Optional, So You Need a Mobile Device Strategy

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Organizations continue to invest in mobile, according to a recent IDC report. Global spending on mobile hardware, software and services is expected to increase 4.3 percent to $1.58 trillion in 2017 and reach $1.72 trillion by 2021. While growth has slowed in the consumer sector, mobile investments are picking up steam in the business sector. [...]

Are You Doing Enough to Secure Your Mobile Devices?

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How many mobile devices and apps do you use on a regular basis? If you’re like the average worker — quite a few. According to the results of a new survey by CCS Insight, employees’ insatiable demand for mobility in the workplace continues to increase. The average number of connected devices per employee — for [...]

How to Better Support Employees Working from Home

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Would you give up a pay raise to work from home? A majority of North American workers would, according to the results of a recent survey by Softchoice. Almost three-quarters (74 percent) of survey respondents said they would quit their jobs to work for an organization that would allow them to work remotely more often, [...]

How Mobile Affects Compliance with New Overtime Rules

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The U.S. Department of Labor’s new overtime rules go into effect Dec. 1. Employees who make less than $47,476 per year and work more than 40 hours per week will be eligible for time-and-a-half pay, even if they are salaried employees. This new minimum threshold is more than twice the previous standard of $23,660 and [...]