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How to Ensure Responsive IT Support for Your Work-from-Home Users

By |2020-06-23T23:51:43+00:00June 23rd, 2020|Collaboration, IT Security, IT Services, Mobility|

In our last post, we explained four ways that managed services providers (MSPs) can help support your remote work requirements. By assisting with virtual private networks (VPNs), conferencing and collaboration solutions, cloud services, and cybersecurity, MSPs can help organizations overcome the technical challenges associated with work-from-home strategies. We also recognize that providing technology solutions and [...]

Why Standardization Is Critical to Effective IT Operations and Security

By |2019-05-14T20:40:20+00:00May 14th, 2019|Cyber Security, Internet Security, IT budgeting and planning, IT Management, IT Security, IT Services, Security|

When you’re constantly scrambling to keep the lights on and serve customers, it can seem expedient to make a user happy by changing a configuration, installing a new application, or adding a new device or service that the user requested. This may put out the fire of the moment, but it can also make your [...]

What Does It All Mean?! 8 Security Risks Defined That Exist in the Cyber-World

By |2018-06-08T18:56:32+00:00June 8th, 2018|Cyber Security, Internet Security, IT Security, IT Services, Security|

We are familiar with the malicious activity that exists in the cyber world; however while many of us hear about security breaches and cyberattacks, most of us do not know the “what” behind the end result. Below are eight of the common security risks that exist: Bot: Bot is a program that is remotely triggered [...]

Proactive vs Reactive Approaches to IT Support

By |2018-05-31T11:56:07+00:00May 30th, 2018|Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, IT Security, IT Services, Managed Services, Technology|

That is unfortunate, but it will never happen to me. That is a shame, but I will deal with it if in fact it actually happens. Thoughts such as these pop into our head when a major incident or crisis occurs, especially when it is related to cyber-security. Due to this, networks are often left [...]

Response Time Matters

By |2018-05-30T14:33:26+00:00May 18th, 2018|IT Services|

When we spend money on a product or service, we set forth expectations and guidelines. We made the purchase or signed the contract because we see the value in what is offered. Differing from a tangible good, a service requires exactly what it states- “service.” The customer must receive the treatment, package, and respect [...]

Phishers Casting Their Nets for ‘Big Fish’ Executives

By |2018-02-05T20:21:36+00:00February 5th, 2018|Cyber Security, Internet Security, IT Management, IT Security, IT Services, Security|

When the notorious thief Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he reportedly replied: “That’s where the money is.” Hackers have a similarly simple motivation for targeting senior executives and other key managers. They have the best data. Law enforcement officials and information security experts have noted a significant rise in the number of [...]

IT Certifications Matter but Are Only Part of the Picture

By |2017-12-11T19:32:34+00:00November 27th, 2017|IT Outsourcing, IT Services|

In many industries, a professional certification or license shows that you have the minimal educational background and experience necessary to offer a service. It’s a basic legal requirement. IT is not one of those industries. Unlike legal, medical, financial and many other professional services, no certification is required by a government agency or industry association. [...]

Simple Ways to Improve Website Security

By |2017-12-11T19:33:08+00:00November 8th, 2017|Cyber Security, Internet Security, IT Services, Security|

Google has announced that non-HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) websites will have a security warning in all future editions of its Chrome web browser. In other words, HTTP websites will be labeled as “not secure.” In an age of high-profile data breaches, ransomware and seemingly endless security threats, what do you suppose a “not [...]

Clear Communication Key to Managed Services

By |2017-08-23T12:31:05+00:00January 23rd, 2017|IT Management, IT Services, Managed Services|

Whether you make software, sprockets or sandwiches, your business depends on information technology to one degree or another. As IT grows in both significance and complexity, managed service providers (MSPs) fill an essential need. For a predictable monthly fee, MSPs provide access to expertise, skill sets and intellectual property that can be cost-prohibitive to keep [...]

Why You Should Leverage the Security Expertise of Your MSP

By |2017-08-23T12:31:32+00:00November 15th, 2016|Internet Security, IT Management, IT Security, IT Services, Managed Services, Security|

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the myth persists that IT security breaches are primarily the problems of large corporations and that smaller companies can safely operate under the radar. Often, the exact opposite is true — a small network is a lot easier to hack than IBM’s. In fact, a recent study by Trustwave [...]