Must-Have IT Policies for Every Organization

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Ransomware attacks have increased more than 11 percent in the past 12 months, according to Kaspersky Labs data. The first half of 2017 has already seen two global ransomware attacks, as WannaCry and Petya disrupted operations for businesses, healthcare organizations, government agencies and educational institutions around the world. Even worse, the Petya attacks offered further [...]

Why the Internet of Things is a Good Thing for Small Business

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Although the term Internet of Things (IoT) was coined in 1999, the transition from pie-in-the-sky concept to an actual thing, pardon the pun, began about 10 years ago when the first smart consumer devices were introduced. According to forecasts from Gartner, the IoT will grow to 6.4 billion things by the end of this year, [...]

How to Create a BYOD Policy that Works

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In the previous post, we discussed how the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is creating security headaches that organizations must address with a documented BYOD policy and better mobile security tools. The easiest course of action would be to simply ban employee-owned mobile devices, but that decision ignores two important facts. First, BYOD delivers tremendous business value [...]

BYOD: Does the Business Value Outweigh the Risk?

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In the previous post, we discussed the inevitable emergence of mobile malware. As workflows and data continue to shift to smartphones and tablets, these devices become more appealing targets for cybercriminals looking to steal and sell the user’s financial and personally identifiable information. Unfortunately, most mobile defense strategies are not as sophisticated as mobile threats, [...]

What Is Your Company Doing to Stop Mobile Malware Threats?

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For years, cybercriminals have largely focused on desktop devices, but everyone knew it was just a matter of time before mobile was targeted more frequently. That time has arrived. According to the March 2016 McAfee Labs Threats Report, the number of reported new mobile malware samples increased 72 percent from Q3 to Q4 2015. Kaspersky [...]

Why You Should Take Steps to Limit ‘Shadow IT’

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In our last post, we discussed the high cost of outdated technology in terms of lost productivity. Older equipment is also more expensive to maintain and brings a high risk of downtime, security breaches and regulatory compliance violations. In addition, outdated technology drives employees to purchase and use technology without management approval, leading to the [...]