Customer Centric Outlook

Factors such as cost, location, and offerings are major focal points for companies when they are shopping around for new IT support vendors. However, there is one major point that many of us tend to forget to look for during the shopping process. The missing link is a customer-centric outlook and relationship, offered by our vendors.  Below are three reasons why customer-centric outlooks should be the ruling factor during the vendor shopping process.

Communication First and Foremost

Communication is an important engagement in every single relationship, including but not limited to friends, spouses, doctors, bosses and even vendors. If there is an issue, the vendor and client must have a trusting relationship. This includes the ability to discuss problems and work together through the solutions. If vendors do not keep their customer in the “loop,” especially IT support vendors during a time of crisis, the customer will feel more anxiety and stress.  On the other end, the client should feel comfortable enough to openly explain issues to the vendor. By offering a customer-centric outlook, vendors make sure clients are kept in the loop at all times. They will also ensure clients feel comfortable coming forward with questions.  Offering communication is an act of respect and by keeping people in the “know,” there is less room for miscommunications, especially during times of crisis.

More Than A Client Identification Number

Sometimes clients feel like just a number- nothing more and nothing less. Whether companies intend to make clients feel that way or not, it can happen. During any service, it is often easy to forget about the person behind the process. We think of it as a “thing” rather than “people interacting.” This is true even during a vendor/client relationship for the purpose of business.  During a time of need, this can cause an issue to appear more stressful. Instead, a customer-centric approach will prioritize taking care of the client and completing issues in a timely fashion. This mindset allows for relationships to be treated as a partnership instead of a transaction. A customer-centric approach allows for feedback and open communication from both parties.

Value For Your Dollar

Although it is easy to lean towards looking at the sticker price of a good or service initially, value tends to matter more in the end. However, if something is a good deal on paper, people are often inclined to lean towards the deal with the cheaper monetary cost.  Unfortunately, once a relationship is established with the good or service, more often than not, people tend to realize that they “get what they pay for.” Sometimes spending a little extra provides us with a better quality good or service. A customer-centric vendor will make sure you get the most out of your money so that value is obvious.

Although simple, these three concepts make a difference.  Are you receiving customer-centric service today, or is it time for a change?