Audio/Visual Systems for Enhancing Business Collaboration

5 Audio/Visual Systems for Enhancing Business Collaboration

Even as companies transition to a hybrid workforce that supports large numbers of remote and mobile workers, the office remains the center of most business activities. High-quality audio/visual systems are essential for making the office a hub for communication, collaboration, innovation and training.

There are a variety of ways that companies can utilize A/V equipment to enhance business connections. Here are a few of the A/V room options designed to accommodate formal and informal meetings:

Personal Office. Some executives and managers need A/V systems in their offices to make client presentations or to conduct meetings about sensitive topics in a private setting. Such systems also allow executives to connect with company conference rooms in the building or in other locations around the country. These don’t have to be highly complex systems, but they should deliver high-quality video and sound. A typical deployment would include a single wall-mounted high-definition display, a high-definition webcam, and high-fidelity microphones and speakers.

Huddle Rooms. These are typically smaller conference rooms with seating for up to six people. They are meant to provide a private, efficient environment for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. These rooms are typically designed for functionality over form. They don’t have fancy furniture, special lighting or exceptional acoustics. They are often outfitted with unified communications (UC) technologies that allow users to establish real-time voice, video and data communications through a web browser. A single high-resolution display is usually installed, although users should also have the ability to use individual laptops.

Conference Rooms. These rooms usually accommodate up to20 seats, which means they may require more than one video display to ensure that everyone in the room can see clearly. They typically will also require a combination of tabletop and ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers to ensure everyone involved can hear and be heard. Larger conference rooms tend to be used for more formal presentations than huddle rooms, so they often require integration of other collaboration components including interactive whiteboards and tilt-and-pan cameras that offer 180-degree viewing angles. You’ll also need a table- or wall-mounted control panel so meeting organizers can control and adjust all components, launch presentations or switch between conferencing and screen sharing presentations.

Boardrooms. This is where a company’s board of directors meets to discuss the company’s most pressing issues and strategic plans. These rooms also usually seat about 20 people, but because of the importance of the work being done here, they very often have higher-grade equipment than other conference rooms. Large-format displays, interactive whiteboards, high-fidelity sound systems and control panels are common components of boardroom A/V systems. Many companies choose to add special features such as multi-monitor video walls, power lifts to hide or reveal equipment, integrated lighting and shades and digital routing systems.

Training Rooms. Corporate training rooms have special requirements. Most are designed to accommodate up to 50 people, but most training events these days will involve presenting information to both local and remote audiences. They will typically require at least two large-format projection or video displays with wide viewing angles and room-based audio systems that ensure clarity over a big space. Interactive whiteboards and touchscreen flat panels may also be necessary for sharing files and enabling more hands-on learning activities. A high-end control panel is very important for allowing trainers to manage all components, adjust settings as necessary, and record all sessions for later playback and sharing with attendees.

No matter what type of system you need to enhance your operations, SSD’s A/V design team has the experience and industry connections to deliver a highly effective and reliable system that meets your requirements. If you’re considering implementing a new A/V system or upgrading an existing system, call us to schedule a consultation.