Address Remote IT Support Challenges with SSD's Assurance

Address Remote IT Support Challenges with SSD Assurance

Providing IT support for remote and hybrid workforces is a significant challenge for most businesses. Resource-strapped IT teams say they are spending significantly more time and manpower supporting remote workers.

Meanwhile, remote workers report they are experiencing more downtime while waiting for help with recurring technical issues. The net result is reduced productivity and increased frustration at both ends.

Because they may no longer be working with office technology that is regularly maintained by the IT team, remote workers often encounter technology issues they can’t resolve themselves. Meanwhile, IT staffers often have little to no knowledge of the technology at-home workers are using. According to Gartner’s 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey, more than half of respondents reported that they use applications or web services that they personally obtained.

By the Numbers

Results from multiple industry studies illustrate the challenge of long-distance support:

·        The average remote worker has experienced 230 tech problems trying to do their job from home over the past year.

·        Nearly half of remote workers in the U.S. report they’ve had to wait at least three hours or more to resolve an IT issue.

·        About 60 percent of remote workers report having a negative experience with the IT department when seeking support.

·        Nearly 80 percent of IT organizations say they’re spending more time supporting remote workers.

·        More than 60 percent of IT professionals say their workloads have increased by a third or more since going remote.

·        More than 60 percent of IT pros say their stress levels have risen due to the increased workload.

·        More than half of IT staffers are considering a career change.

Remote support is not a new process. IT teams have long been able to use remote administration tools to take control of a remote computer in order to diagnose and resolve problems. However, few IT teams have the resources or operational procedures needed to support today’s mass numbers of remote and hybrid workers.

Additionally, there are some problems that simply can’t be corrected without hands-on involvement of tech support. You obviously can’t replace or repair a power supply, motherboard, video card, hard drive or modem remotely. However, it can take days to get replacement parts, schedule the service and restore functionality. Nobody can afford that kind of downtime.

A Helping Hand

Going forward, businesses of all sizes will need qualified IT experts with specialized skill sets to support hybrid environments with both in-house and remote technology. Many organizations are working with managed services providers (MSPs) who have the manpower and expertise to augment company IT staff.

In addition to handling basic IT functions such as maintenance, updates and security patching, MSPs typically offer network monitoring and maintenance as well as more specialized services such as managed security services. Best-in-class MSPs also provide unlimited helpdesk support and can provide your remote workforce with on-call expertise on the deployment and use of cloud, collaboration and other technologies.

Our SSD Assurance program can address the needs of remote and hybrid workforces by giving you around-the-clock access to IT professionals who can rapidly resolve a wide range of issues. We serve as an extension of your IT staff, with a focus on rapid problem resolution to minimize the impact on your business. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your remote IT support needs and how we can tailor a solution to reduce the challenges facing both your remote workers and your in-house IT team.