5 Reasons Why Co-Managed IT Is a Great Option for Firms with IT Staff

For most small organizations, the decision to outsource IT functions to a managed services provider (MSP) is typically easy. It doesn’t make economic sense to hire an IT professional to manage and maintain the organization’s systems and network. Outsourcing provides access to IT expertise and responsive support, ensuring that staff stay productive and focused on the organization’s core business.

Larger organizations often face a dilemma. They often see the need to hire one or more IT pros to handle technology issues. As their IT environment grows and becomes more complex, however, the in-house IT team may struggle to keep pace with day-to-day management tasks. User support may lag, and critical patches and updates may not be applied as promptly as they should. New IT initiatives may stall due to a lack of resources.

Having in-house IT staff doesn’t preclude you from partnering with an MSP. Best-in-class MSPs will work with your team in a co-managed IT arrangement. You can choose whether you want the MSP’s help with routine tasks to free your staff for strategic initiatives, or if you want the MSP to handle more complex projects so your team can focus on user support. Either way, the MSP will function as an extension your IT staff to ensure that your business and operational needs are met.

Why Co-Managed IT

When faced with the need for additional IT staff, organizations typically consider hiring or bringing on contract employees. However, hiring IT pros with the right skill sets can be challenging due to the high demand for these individuals. Staff augmentation is a short-term fix that can increase costs significantly without solving operational problems.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a co-managed IT arrangement:

Broad and deep expertise. Many organizations rely upon IT generalists who lack the deep expertise needed to support today’s complex IT environments. An MSP provides a team of experts with hands-on experience with a wide range of technologies. Your IT team can tap this expertise to streamline operations and optimize your environment.

Rapid time-to-value. Recruiting and hiring additional staff takes time, and new hires will need training and time to get comfortable in their roles. An MSP’s team already has the skills needed to hit the ground running, allowing you to ramp up quickly. You can also scale IT resources up or down as needed.

Improved coverage. Your IT staff can’t be available around-the-clock, and will need time off for vacation and sick days. A qualified MSP will have a deep bench of engineers who can quickly troubleshoot problems and respond to user support requests.They can be available 24×7 if needed to meet mission-critical requirements.

Reduced risk. When you rely exclusively on in-house IT staff — particularly one “IT guy” — there’s the risk that critical knowledge will be lost when people move on to other opportunities. Best-in-class MSPs will document processes and provide important checks and balances that minimize this risk.

Staff retention. Once they understand that they’re not being replaced, your IT staff will appreciate the benefits of working with an MSP. They’ll be able to use their skills and talents in a way that advances their careers while improving operational efficiency.

How SSD Can Help

SSD offers a co-managed IT option for organizations with in-house IT staff. It provides all the benefits of our proven Assurance program in a solution that can be tailored to fill specific resource gaps. You gain access to our team of experts and the tools we use for monitoring, management and support. We’d be delighted to meet with your management and IT teams to discuss your needs and begin crafting a customized solution.