4 Ways To Secure Our Devices

Years ago, most people had a home computer, which was usually a desktop. At their place of employment, there may have been a desktop if the job required the use of such. As technological advances continued, we turned towards all-in-ones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.  Now, we have multiple devices for both recreational use and our careers.  It is easy to lose track of updates, security, etc, when we have so many devices to manage.  Below are 4 tips for ensuring we secure all of our devices.

Avoid Clicking on Unknown Links.

Often, when we receive emails from friends or what appears to be a reputable source, we are inclined to click on embedded links. However, we should first stop and ask ourselves what this link is and why someone is sending it.  Then, we must physically place our cursor on the link (do not click!) and hover over the link.  A box should appear showing the actual URL that this link will direct us towards.  If it is not legitimate, we do not click it!

Avoid Downloading Unknown Content.

Please do not download attachments from unknown senders.  There is the risk of potentially downloading malicious content right onto our devices.  If the attachment is from someone we know, we must contact the sender via another means of communication to ensure it was really sent by them (and that their account has not been hijacked), especially if we were not expecting attachments from this party.

Lock Devices When Not in Use.

When computers are not in use, we must be sure to CTRL ALT DEL and click “lock.”  While we often worry about unwanted activity that lurks on the web, the traditional security concerns, such as someone physically searching our computers, can still occur. If using a phone, we must be sure to set a passcode that is not something easy to guess (e.g. a birthday). Do not leave phones unlocked!  Again, there is also the risk of someone physically picking up and going through our devices, thus posing a security threat.

Schedule Updates.

Whether we have the ability to schedule updates or if we need to manually put in a reminder on our phone calendar, we need to be sure to schedule this process as often as possible. Updates are not only for software functionality, but they often  come equipped with security patches to ward off known malicious content.

We must continue to be mindful of our safety and security on the web, in addition to the safety and security of our technology .