5 Tasks Small Businesses Should Consider Automating

If time is money, then automation is a high-yield investment account. Businesses that automate even just a few tasks that otherwise require manual processes can save hours of work, making them more efficient and productive while also reducing costs and minimizing errors. Time is an especially precious commodity for small businesses operating with limited resources [...]

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Replace Outdated Apps to Minimize Risk and Relieve Technical Debt

A 2018 tax-day computer glitch at the Internal Revenue Service prevented millions of Americans from filing their tax returns and forced the agency to extend its filing deadline. It was later determined that the problem stemmed from a legacy software system that dates to the Kennedy administration. The IRS crash illustrates the risks involved with [...]

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How AI-Powered Malware Will Alter the Threat Landscape in 2020

Cybersecurity has always been a cat-and-mouse game, with malicious actors and security professionals continually refining their tactics to stay one step ahead of the other. Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the game. While IT organizations are using AI to augment security, cybercriminals are also leveraging the technology to find new ways around defense mechanisms. [...]

The True Definition and Value of Managed Services

Managed services is a concept thrown about in the IT industry, often with little understanding of what the term truly means. In fact, many of the vendors who claim to offer managed services tend to twist the definition to align with their own service offerings and sales goals. Managed services is often equated with IT [...]

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5 Ways Predictive Analytics Helps Small Businesses

What do modern businesses have in common with professional tennis superstar Novak Djokovic? Both are achieving high levels of performance and efficiency with predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is an area of statistics that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and predictive modeling to gather and assess historical data in order to predict future events. [...]

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5 Tips for Averting Holiday Cyber Scams that Could Impact Your Business

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for cybercriminals. We’ve entered the peak season for cybercrime, with various studies indicating that cyberattacks increase by up to 60 percent during the holidays. The Department of Homeland Security recently warned of an expected spike in a range of malicious activity, including unsolicited emails that contain [...]

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Make This Decision for the Right Reasons.

According to a report from Techaisle, cloud spending by small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and midmarket companies will reach $115 billion in 2019, with SMBs outspending the midmarket sector. In fact, 57 percent of surveyed SMBs are accelerating their cloud initiatives. Many are using multiple public and private clouds and sophisticated solutions to manage workloads [...]

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Employees: First Line of Cyber Defense or Serious Security Threat?

Many organizations rely upon their employees prevent cybersecurity breaches. Employees are advised not to click on unknown links and attachments, share their user credentials, or use unapproved applications and services. And for the most part this strategy works — in a recent study conducted by Sapio Research, 79 percent of information security leaders said that [...]

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Balancing IT Innovation with Cybersecurity Readiness in the Budgeting Process

In our last post, we discussed ways to improve the IT budgeting process in 2020 and beyond. Rather than simply allocating a percentage of revenue to IT, organizations should consider ways that IT can add value to the business. The right IT investments can increase profitability, improve productivity, reduce risk, and enable innovative solutions and [...]

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3 Ways to Demonstrate IT’s Value in the Budgeting Process

With most organizations now in the fourth quarter of their fiscal year, the time has come to get serious about budget planning for 2020. As usual, the process is likely to be challenging for IT managers. Historically, most organizations set aside a percentage of revenue and expect IT to keep spending within that range. According [...]

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