5 Tips for Averting Holiday Cyber Scams that Could Impact Your Business

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for cybercriminals. We’ve entered the peak season for cybercrime, with various studies indicating that cyberattacks increase by up to 60 percent during the holidays. The Department of Homeland Security recently warned of an expected spike in a range of malicious activity, including unsolicited emails that contain [...]

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Make This Decision for the Right Reasons.

According to a report from Techaisle, cloud spending by small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and midmarket companies will reach $115 billion in 2019, with SMBs outspending the midmarket sector. In fact, 57 percent of surveyed SMBs are accelerating their cloud initiatives. Many are using multiple public and private clouds and sophisticated solutions to manage workloads [...]

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Employees: First Line of Cyber Defense or Serious Security Threat?

Many organizations rely upon their employees prevent cybersecurity breaches. Employees are advised not to click on unknown links and attachments, share their user credentials, or use unapproved applications and services. And for the most part this strategy works — in a recent study conducted by Sapio Research, 79 percent of information security leaders said that [...]

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Balancing IT Innovation with Cybersecurity Readiness in the Budgeting Process

In our last post, we discussed ways to improve the IT budgeting process in 2020 and beyond. Rather than simply allocating a percentage of revenue to IT, organizations should consider ways that IT can add value to the business. The right IT investments can increase profitability, improve productivity, reduce risk, and enable innovative solutions and [...]

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3 Ways to Demonstrate IT’s Value in the Budgeting Process

With most organizations now in the fourth quarter of their fiscal year, the time has come to get serious about budget planning for 2020. As usual, the process is likely to be challenging for IT managers. Historically, most organizations set aside a percentage of revenue and expect IT to keep spending within that range. According [...]

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Why Outsourced IT Support Is Critical to Business Operations

You depend upon your computer systems to boost productivity and enhance customer service, but when they’re not working properly business grinds to a halt. Today’s end-users are fairly tech-savvy, but few have the expertise to troubleshoot complex problems. They need expert IT support to get back up and running. And when they need it, they [...]

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5 Suggestions for Building Disaster Preparedness

Although the Mid-Atlantic states were largely spared from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian, the recent storm still serves as an important reminder of the need for effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning. In a survey conducted just months after Hurricane Florence caused billions of dollars in damages and affected roughly a quarter of [...]

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Modern NAC Solutions Deliver Effective Threat Defense

Data breaches are on pace to reach an all-time this year, and the rising frequency of these incidents is driving organizations to increase spending on IT security measures. Gartner analysts predict worldwide spending on IT security will reach $124 billion this year. Network access control (NAC) technologies rank among the top spending priorities. NAC technologies [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Managed Services – and How to Avoid the Cons

Technology is woven into virtually every business process. If IT systems go down or fail to work properly, certain business functions might come to a halt. At the very least, they could be disrupted. Productivity suffers, the customer experience suffers, and sales could be lost. However, most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) don’t have the [...]

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Baby Boomer Retirements Can Create an IT ‘Brain Drain’

During the so-called “baby boom” between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s, nearly 80 million babies were born in the U.S. Representing close to a quarter of the nation’s entire population, boomers have had a massive economic, social and cultural impact for the better part of seven decades. However, boomers are now [...]

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