Ransomware Payments Produce Unintended Consequences

The University of California at San Francisco announced recently that it paid a $1.14 million ransom to regain access to medical school data that was encrypted during a ransomware attack. The incident illustrates a disturbing trend — ransomware attacks are steadily increasing, as are the ransom amounts being demanded. The average ransom demanded in attacks [...]

How to Ensure Responsive IT Support for Your Work-from-Home Users

In our last post, we explained four ways that managed services providers (MSPs) can help support your remote work requirements. By assisting with virtual private networks (VPNs), conferencing and collaboration solutions, cloud services, and cybersecurity, MSPs can help organizations overcome the technical challenges associated with work-from-home strategies. We also recognize that providing technology solutions and [...]

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4 Ways Managed Services Providers Support Remote Work Requirements

The sudden transition to remote work has created hardships for employers and employees alike. Few businesses were sufficiently prepared for the technical challenges of supporting a remote workforce, and their employees typically lacked some of the tools they needed to remain connected and engaged. In many cases, managed services providers (MSPs) have provided a lifeline [...]

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7 Remote Security Strategies for Small to Midsize Businesses

The sudden shift to remote work has led many small businesses to adopt practices that may be creating considerable cybersecurity threats. For example, several surveys find that as many as half of remote workers are potentially exposing sensitive company information by using unsecured applications and endpoint devices. The Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity division has [...]

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Strategic IT Investments Will Drive Success in Post-Pandemic World

Like the dot-com crash of 2001 and the global recession of 2007, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic falls into the category of Black Swan incidents — extremely rare and unpredictable events that cause catastrophic economic damage. Although businesses must scramble to remain operational during a Black Swan event, their long-term survival often depends on what they [...]

How to Approach Your Network Refresh to Minimize Risk, Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed why a network refresh, despite the potential challenges, is well worth the investment from a business perspective. A modern network will be able to deliver a high level of performance, automate routine tasks, and support high-bandwidth, low-latency business applications. The key to navigating a network refresh and taking full [...]

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How to Approach Your Network Refresh to Minimize Risk, Part 1

Imagine ordering a $100 dinner from a five-star restaurant and waiting two hours for the dish to be prepared while you’re forced to listen to the world’s worst jazz band. When the server finally brings out your dinner, it’s not what you ordered. After another hour, you receive the right dish, but it tastes awful. [...]


UPDATE: JUNE 08, 2020 SSD Technology Partners considers the safety of our clients and staff our utmost priority while also ensuring we continue to provide the highest level of service and support our clients have come to expect from us. Local governments in our region have moved into various phases of allowing businesses to reopen, [...]

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Minimize Firewall Configuration Errors to Boost Security

Firewalls have been an essential first line of defense in network security for decades, serving as the gatekeeper between internal network resources and the outside world. However, mismanaged or misconfigured firewalls are barely better than having no firewall at all. The massive Capital One breach last year illustrates the danger. A misconfigured firewall rule enabled [...]

Managed Services Reporting Sheds Light on Infrastructure Mysteries

Offloading IT functions to a good managed services provider (MSP) creates a lot of value for organizations by allowing them to improve operations and better manage their technology expenses. An often-overlooked benefit of this arrangement is the enormous amount of information and insight that can be gleaned from regular MSP reports on the IT environment. [...]

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