How to Approach Your Network Refresh to Minimize Risk, Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed why a network refresh, despite the potential challenges, is well worth the investment from a business perspective. A modern network will be able to deliver a high level of performance, automate routine tasks, and support high-bandwidth, low-latency business applications. The key to navigating a network refresh and taking full [...]

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How to Approach Your Network Refresh to Minimize Risk, Part 1

Imagine ordering a $100 dinner from a five-star restaurant and waiting two hours for the dish to be prepared while you’re forced to listen to the world’s worst jazz band. When the server finally brings out your dinner, it’s not what you ordered. After another hour, you receive the right dish, but it tastes awful. [...]


DOWNLOAD PDF   With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus it is SSD’s recommendation that customers assess their current work from home/remote access systems to be prepared in the event it becomes necessary to have all or at least a large percentage of your staff working from home. Over the next few days SSD [...]

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Minimize Firewall Configuration Errors to Boost Security

Firewalls have been an essential first line of defense in network security for decades, serving as the gatekeeper between internal network resources and the outside world. However, mismanaged or misconfigured firewalls are barely better than having no firewall at all. The massive Capital One breach last year illustrates the danger. A misconfigured firewall rule enabled [...]

Managed Services Reporting Sheds Light on Infrastructure Mysteries

Offloading IT functions to a good managed services provider (MSP) creates a lot of value for organizations by allowing them to improve operations and better manage their technology expenses. An often-overlooked benefit of this arrangement is the enormous amount of information and insight that can be gleaned from regular MSP reports on the IT environment. [...]

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6 Tips for Effective Allocation of Cybersecurity Dollars

Improving network security is a top budget priority for 2020 in most organizations, and with good reason — cybercrime is growing at an astonishing rate. Data breaches hit an all-time high in 2019, and analysts say 175 million individuals become victims of cybercrime each year. Increased spending won’t necessarily address the problem, however. In fact, [...]

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Coronavirus Illustrates the Need for Pandemic Planning

Healthcare organizations around the globe are closely monitoring the continued spread of a deadly respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. While officials generally express optimism that the virus will be controlled, they also acknowledge the need to prepare for the worst-case scenario of a global pandemic. Businesses and employers should also [...]

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If Humans Are Your Weakest Security Link, Train Your Humans

Even with advanced technologies available to hackers, what technique do they use most often to gain access to sensitive data or spread malware? Phishing attacks. Hackers know it’s much easier to trick a human with a deceptive email than it is to trick or circumvent security software. Instead of trying to pick a lock, they [...]

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5 Tasks Small Businesses Should Consider Automating

If time is money, then automation is a high-yield investment account. Businesses that automate even just a few tasks that otherwise require manual processes can save hours of work, making them more efficient and productive while also reducing costs and minimizing errors. Time is an especially precious commodity for small businesses operating with limited resources [...]

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Replace Outdated Apps to Minimize Risk and Relieve Technical Debt

A 2018 tax-day computer glitch at the Internal Revenue Service prevented millions of Americans from filing their tax returns and forced the agency to extend its filing deadline. It was later determined that the problem stemmed from a legacy software system that dates to the Kennedy administration. The IRS crash illustrates the risks involved with [...]

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