Our Story

In 1981, two very determined women named Barbara Hines and Nancy Froome started a company they called Software Services of Delaware. Their vision was to bring small and mid-sized businesses the same process and data efficiencies that were otherwise only available to large corporations who could afford high-end software solutions.  Barbara and Nancy established the core values of the company:  tenacity, focus, and unwavering commitment to delivering on a promise and to always keep customer’s needs at the forefront of its mission.

In 2005, we changed the company name to SSD Technology Partners to properly reflect the scope of expertise and services we were offering within the technology space. Around the same time, Villanova University commissioned us to develop a streamlined data entry solution for admissions which lead to the birth of our new division: Axiom is now used by universities throughout the US and is an integral part in managing the admission process.

Information Technology has evolved in rapid pace and everyone in the business world, and personally, has become dependent on staying connected and productive. IT was now the lifeblood of any business and keeping all moving (and nonmoving) parts in sync was overwhelming for all of our clients.

SSD’s client base expanded in parallel to changes and the complexity of maintaining an IT infrastructure. In 2010 we moved from New Castle Delaware to larger facilities at the Wilmington Riverfront.  The new modern offices also accommodated a significant increase in the size of our team.

We raise the bar on service excellence each day; we are committed to the simplicity of our tagline: maximizing productivity and minimizing interruptions. It is a simple but powerful benefit that delivers over 90% client retention for most of the years we’ve been in business.

Our service excellence is a result of our commitment to ongoing technical education and for providing our workers with a place to unleash their passion and creativity. In return, they impart their dedication and appreciation to our clients. While some might say that working with us is a marriage made in Heaven, we like to think that it is a result of genuine caring that knows no bounds.