SSD exists for the sole purpose of serving customers. We pledge to deliver exceptional value that is anchored in uncompromising integrity.

The work we do, the connections we form and the friendship we develop, both internally and externally, can only be achieved by

  • Harnessing the power and strength we generate working as a team
  • Openly thanking and acknowledging small or large acts of kindness by others and by always putting the needs of others above our own
  • Communicating openly, simply and positively
  • A work ethic that never leaves anything undone or for others to complete
  • A passion for excellence and by practicing continuous improvements and never-ending quest for systems and process that deliver accuracy, efficiency and productivity


And while we are committed to excellence we also leave room for not taking ourselves too seriously. We embrace smiles and laughter as the best cures for anxiety, stress or anything else that may stand in the way of being the best we can be for clients, our team and our families.