Executive Leadership

Woodie Bowe
Woodie BoweVice President
Woodie Bowe, Vice President, has been with SSD Technology Partners since 1999 and became Director of Technical Services in 2003. Bowe was key in driving the company from a traditional “break fix” firm to a successful managed services company.
Lisa Detwiler
Lisa DetwilerPresident
Lisa Detwiler, President joined SSD in 2007 as Chief Marketing Officer. Detwiler holds an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Carnegie Mellon University. Lisa successfully led SSD through a difficult economy in 2012, recording the company’s greatest growth record in 31 years.
Nick Ewen
Nick EwenVice President
Nick Ewen, Vice President, joined SSD in May of 2000 after graduating from University of Delaware. He oversees every project his team of software engineers deliver to Fortune 500 clients and has been instrumental in the success of SSD’s proprietary software Axiom.

Imagine starting a new job and feeling like you own the business from day one. You don’t take it too seriously, who are you kidding, you’re a newbie and on your first day. Heck, for all you know you may be gone next week. But that doesn’t stop you because entrepreneurial spirit is something you either have, or you don’t.

When someone asks Lisa, Woodie or Nick why they bought SSD they pretty much say the same thing, “we always felt it was our company.”  Ownership, as we all know, does not happen by chance; it takes courage and serious amounts of cash to turn it into reality.

For SSD’s owners Lisa, Woodie and Nick it wasn’t a huge gamble or a leap of faith. They knew exactly what they were doing: making sure that customers continue to experience the kind of caring and service that only employees who feel like owners, or are the owners, can deliver.

What are two undisputed proofs that you’re doing something right? One, employees stick around for years; it’s their home away from home, a place where they can use their talent and passion to serve others, and yes, they feel like they own the place. Two, clients stick around: 98% of those who become SSD customers stay SSD customers. When you have these two things in place you don’t need glitz, glory or tech jargon to keep growing: all you have to do is keep doing what keeps customers from leaving and new ones coming onboard.

IT is a very crowded space: it is either dominated by larger firms or saturated with small “Uncle Lou’s college graduate son” types. While large firms survive on inertia or “no one ever got fired for hiring a big company” (wrong by the way), SSD focuses on execution. While others shower and overwhelm clients with tech jargon, SSD likes the straightforward approach: we’ll keep you productive, minimize interruptions and you can keep on doing whatever it is that you do best.

We do “everything IT” so you don’t have to:  we invest in resources and training that allow us to keep up with changes (and threats); our team members are able to take on any role from tech support to application integration, training, continuity or disaster recovery to mention just a few.

No two clients are alike because companies are full of humans who behave in mysterious and unpredictable ways sometimes, just like technology. Our job is to ensure that everyone (humans and technology) simply get along.

Join our mission to bring uninterrupted simplicity back to the workplace because that is exactly how we’ll be able to enjoy what we do and stay productive.