IT That Maximizes Productivity

Massive amounts of data move at the speed-of-a-click. You are used to getting information when you want it. You act like your business depends on it, and it does. You see it’s not about you, it is about your customers: they are impatient, they demand fast response and service and yes, when it comes to choosing who to work with they have options, lots of them. All of us compete for customers who make that buying decision at the-speed-of-a-click.

That’s why at SSD we are committed to helping you keep your competitive edge: we work diligently and tirelessly to ensure that you remain productive and deliver value and service to both internal and external customers.

We define productivity as ‘work, uninterrupted’: making technology run smoothly so you can get your work done.

When a screen is frozen, emails stop flowing or an application just crashed, the last thing anyone needs is tech jargon. Instead, you want to hear a human voice that cares about getting you unfrustrated, unstuck and productive again.

That’s why we don’t use tech jargon to describe what we do. While we have an immensely talented team of IT technology experts, we are mostly proud of just being human: we don’t live in the cloud or in an unnamed data center, we’re right here where you need us, at ground level, always accessible and ready to tackle any digital balls, straight or curved, that are thrown at you.

Welcome to SSD where everyone is committed to maximizing your productivity and minimizing interruptions.


The SSD Advantage

We do ‘everything IT’ so you can focus on maximizing productivity and experience minimal or no interruptions

  • We exist for the sole purpose of serving customers
  • We pledge to deliver exceptional value
  • Uncompromising integrity is our foundation
  • We believe in continuous improvements and the never ending pursuit of excellence

Our Mission

SSD exists for the sole purpose of serving customers. We pledge to deliver exceptional value that is anchored in uncompromising integrity. The work we do, the connections we form, and the friendship we develop both internally and externally, will be achieved by:

  •   Harnessing the power and strength we generate working as a team
  •   By openly thanking and acknowledging small or large acts of kindness by others and by always putting the needs of others above our own
  •   Communicating openly, simply and positively
  •   A work ethic that never leaves anything undone or for others to complete
  •   A passion for excellence, continuous improvements and the never-ending quest for systems and process that deliver accuracy, efficiency and productivity

While we are committed to excellence we leave room for not taking ourselves too seriously. We embrace smiles and laughter as the best cures for anxiety, stress or anything else that may stand in the way of being the best we can be for clients, our team and our families.

Small group of business people joining hands, low angle view

It Solutions to Run Your Business

Managed IT

We maximize productivity & minimize interruptions. We make sure that your business is running efficiently and securely giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most.
Empower your employees to overcome technical issues that interrupt their productivity by providing them with unlimited help desk support.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing eliminates the need to invest in costly hardware or software solutions. But, cloud computing isn’t for everyone. We’ll evaluate your needs and help you decide.
At SSD we conduct feasibility analysis and recommend whether Cloud services are a good fit based on your goals, current workflow environment and a host of many other factors.


Cyber criminals are getting better and more sophisticated every day. The risk is real and the size of your business does not matter: 95% of those reporting a breach are small businesses.
We assess your current technology environment, workflow and existing processes then recommend tailored solutions.

Software Development

Our software technology solutions focus on ensuring productive efficiencies for your business. We assess your short-terms workflow & identify continuing needs.
We encourage customers to consider software development only after a detailed assessment of existing processes and a gap analysis.

Technology Consulting

Every business will face technology challenges at some point. As your trusted partner our proactive IT strategy anticipates continuing needs.
Getting your technology up to date and in-sync requires the patience to study your business and the knowledge to get you on the right path.

The Industries We Serve

Law Firms


Financial Services

Non Profits

Other Industries

Higher Education

Cyber Security

At SSD we take IT Security quite seriously and think you should too. Cybercriminals are getting progressively better at their ‘craft’ and it is a never-ending game of cat-and-mouse and the mice are proving very difficult to catch – they are talented, smart and love raising the stakes. Business is on the losing side of the equation.

While no one is able to guarantee total protection, SSD’s preventative measures, along with our in house experts and advanced technology, reduce the probability of a cyber attack or data breach and most importantly will minimize the impact should it occur.

At SSD we are committed to maximizing data security and minimizing interruptions to your business. 

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